Birth Photographer Perth

Birth Photographer Perth

Imagine having a Birth Photographer Perth capture the most amazing and emotional moment in your life. For many expectant mothers this is the most important thing of all.

 Capturing your little one’s entrance earth side is a moment not to be missed.

So the transition from pregnancy to motherhood. The raw emotion, the over powering LOVE, the moments your birth partner held your hand. I will photography the way you were supported through each and every contraction. The moment you welcomed your sweet baby, the JOY and the tears that followed, this is what I capture!

Why hire a Birth photographer Perth?

Hiring a Birth Photographer Perth enables you and your birth partner to be completely focused on being your support person.

Having to fumble around trying to take photographs and ultimately missing that experience is not ideal. The arrival of your long awaited baby is one of the most emotional and momentous occasions in your life. For months you’ve felt this tiny beautiful human-being hiccup, kick and move inside you and finally the day has arrived when you will meet this little person. Whether this is your first, third or last baby, nothing can compare to that moment when you meet for this first time, face to face.

Capturing those precious moments, that are otherwise forgotten in the midst of adrenaline and excitement.  Words can not describe the profound impact of that arrival, the first touch, the first breath, and the first cry.  By hiring a birth photographer, you are ensuring that your husband/partner, friends and family are present in the moment and not trying to figure out camera and flash settings!

Birth Photographer Perth Package

What do you get? I am on call for you 24 hours a day for up to 2weeks after your due date. When labour is confirmed I will arrive at your place of birth. If you are having a fast induction then I come up earlier. For the duration of the birth and for 1-2 hours afterwards (usually it’s catching the first breastfeed, weighing, measuring , cutting of the cord, first cuddles with Dad etc) I will be attending your birth.

Therefore birth photographer Perth session fee includes your entire birth story gallery (anywhere up to 500 images).

Galleries are full-resolution digital jpegs which have been edited (colour corrected and enhanced – no retouching of birth images) in both colour and black & white. And delivered with print release on a hard drive.


Birth Photographer Perth
Birth Photographer Perth

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