Internet connections or lack-there-of is every business’s nightmare, especially with the countless and ongoing drama which NBN has caused. Having your wireless broadband connection slowed to that below a snail pace with NO alternative which is any faster or reliable is my reality.

I mean it’s seriously tragic when I ‘m receiving a mere 1.6Mbps download and 0.264Mbps upload!!
Transferring galleries which are on average anywhere between 3GB and 20GB (gigabytes) with an upload speed of 0.264Mbps (megabits per second)
eg 8 “Megabits” = 1 “Megabyte”, and 1024Megabytes = 1 Gigabyte) you can do the maths, Oi?!?

Aubin Grove has experienced significant NBN delays, blocks put on new connections and numerous issues with infrastructure which I don’t entirely understand them all. The carrying capacity of the existing copper network is so weak that fibre-to-the-node is simply not able to deliver the minimum standard speeds, confirmed by my discussions with members in my community many households that previously had broadband through HFC rolled out by Telstra (me) or Optus now find their NBN service is actually slower.

I’m hoping  operations return to normal soon enough – in the meantime I’m stuck in a situation which is affecting almost every aspect of my business. Poor/no connection severely affecting incoming/outgoing emails, and all outgoing server gallery uploads, countless ‘hung’ connections/broken uploads and clearly a lot of heartache all around 🙁


No changes to report 😑


Finally new NBN lines have been opened with AussieBB, activation date 30th May 2018 with full service within that week. Cya later Telstra!
Until then my connection is likely to be extremely limited with continued drop-outs and it causing my mail app to crash.

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