Perth Family Photographer Newborn | It’s a girl!

Perth Family Photographer Newborn

 As a Perth Family Photographer newborn, you are often challenged at sessions to get the “sibling shot”.

Whilst as simple as it sounds it really does come as one of “the.most.challenging.shots.ever”…. especially in the midst of a newborn session which is already challenging enough on it’s own.

Now lucky for me I have photographed this family a number of times before. I photographed the two youngest maternity and newborn sessions, so the big guy is used to my crazy face and just thinks I’m the bees knees. These boys were awesome and happily worked for stickers and lots of cuddles!

When you have cuteness x3 it’s not surprising this shot was one of many which made the final gallery.

An early Mother’s Day sneak peek for Mum 😉

More shots to add later – stay tuned!

Perth Family Photographer Newborn

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